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I’ve written about the use of prebiotics when we have an itchy dog, many times over.

I don’t often tell you all about the dogs I’ve helped with testimonials etc provided!

Aimée Thomas Is one the fabulous admin team female members at Holistic Dog Care. We changed something very simple in little Pumpkins diet and that was to avoid as much as possible prebiotics.

Kefir is synbiotic containing both Prebiotics & probiotics. Often with an itchy dog, we avoid these and voila! No itch!!

If you want to know more search my posts for ‘probiotics’ or SBO’s!

This post is from 2017 ❤️

A big THANK YOU to Emma Rutherford for suggesting stopping with prebiotics for our itchy little pup, Pumpkin.

I didn’t change anything else (still adding fruit/veg to her diet even though I’ve always been told the sugars and starch in them can contribute to yeast, but I wanted to see what this one change would do).

Well, would you believe it, her itching has greatly reduced! 😮 😀

She still has little brown speckly bits on her neck, chest and belly, but they’re getting smaller 🙂 (not the stuff in the photo – that’s mud 😂)

So again, a big big thank you, Emma, from me and Pumpkin 😘 👏👐

I’ll add in that I’m also ever grateful to this kind, non-judgemental group and the knowledge that the admin share, so thank you for all that you do.

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