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Dog Food Revolution

These pictures are from maybe 2012, can’t remember exactly!

I was all about “The Dog Food Revolution” at the time ✊🏽 But happily since moved on! PHEW!!! What a numpty phase that was 😂

I’m not really a fighting warrior type, more a softie pacifist, who is more about creating change through inspiring the ‘new’ not trying to ‘force’ the old behaviours!

The ‘Posh 🐟 ‘ is a range of cat food that I created all that time ago! It never saw the light of day!!!!! THANK DOG! It has peas in it!!!! #FFS 🙈 I was trying to emulate fresh versions of popular cat food at the time, they were fresh garden peas!!!! And my Bengals love some veggies (don’t hate me).

I was trying to be someone that I’m not! Trying to be what I thought people/my little audience wanted! Nearly as bad as the whole ‘clean eating’ movement! Oy bloody Vey! 👍🏻🙄

I’ve become me! And I loose followers daily because, I either offend them with my ‘foul language’ or I’ve offended a dietary choice that they have made & made them feel uncomfortable. (Sorry not sorry)

I’m pretty much unfiltered as a human being when it comes to my passions in life! You can see my journey all over my Social Media’s, all of the crap ideas, poorly executed videos, crap lighting, dodgy scripting, weird recipes! And much much more! But it’s all there for you to see in the hopes that it might encourage you to give this a go! Tell your story, change one persons mind to #FEEDFRESH 💖

You won’t see endless photos of my dogs, children & my daily personal life because that’s ‘my’ life! I’m a very private person & really quite insular at times (yup) but I won’t be a fake ass clown! There to just to tell you the fun stuff! It doesn’t help anyone pretending that my life is AMAZING 24/7 that’s bullshit!

Go and be an influencer! Post your experiences & love yourself just a little bit more today!

You CAN do this!

With Love

Emma xx

P.S. don’t forget to check your boobs (men too) & balls 🎱 if you have them!

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