100 g organic, uncooked ground turkey

200 g gluten free oats(I would now substitute with ground almonds)

100 g buckwheat flour(I would now substitude with coconut flour)

1 tbs coconut oil, expeller pressed, extra virgin, organic

1 tbs ricotta cheese

1 sprig of fresh thyme

1 tps dried elder flowers

2 tps spirulina powder

100 g full-fat plain cream cheese (for decoration)


Mix everything in a bowl or mixer, be careful not to overwork the mixture.

Once all of the mixture represents a dough ball turn out on to a cool table to flatten out with your hands or a rolling pin.

Cut out some wonderful SPOOKY shapes. Place onto a baking tray with silicone baking sheet to aid a non stick surface.

Pop into the oven on a medium heat around 180° C / 360° F for around 18 mins or until firm to the touch. When ready set aside on a cooling rack for half an hour ready TO decorate.

Decorating Ideas

Take 2 tbs of plain cream cheese and mix a little to loosen the mixture.

Spread onto the cooled cookies using a flat knife or using a mini palate knife.

Spread evenly and top using rice paper decorations. I sourced mine online, they are made from potato starch and the ink is organic edible ink coming from plant sources, completely harmless.

You could also use beetroot juice to colour the cream cheese or a little Spirulina to make a green sludge.

If you pop them in the fridge once decorated the cream cheese icing will set. I also used blanched almonds for fangs or try using your toasted pumpkin seeds. You could also use thick Greek style yogurt for the topping.

I hope you enjoy making the Halloween Cookies.

Chefs Tip

These healthy little cookies can be eaten any time of the year and make a healthy on the go snack as they contain fabulous spirulina which is an amazing little powerhouse of goodness.