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Just a reminder that I prefer you to either feed raw, uncooked meat or lightly cooked meat = 8/10 minutes of cooking.

There is no need to freeze meet if you lightly cook as the heat will deal with any parasitic burden.

Raw meat it’s a good idea to freeze first if it’s not been purchased from a DEFRA licenced raw dog food company.

Cooking through, does have a place in certain circumstances. But my preference is Uncooked or lightly cooked.

It’s well documented that I lightly cook my pets food:

A. They prefer it,

B. It’s the closest to nature as I serve it at around 38 degrees, blood temperature of a ‘kill’.

C. Freezing does loose some vitamin content is estimated around 8/11% especially vitamin C. Interestingly vitamin C isn’t a requirement of FEDIAF! When I formulate raw pet foods, I always make certain that we cover the vitamin C loss after freezing and in some cases refreezing! (That’s what balancing to FEDIAF & beyond means).

D. No need to worry about parasites as the heat deals with this.

I never use ‘high’ or ‘fast’ heat when cooking meat for dogs or cats! I’ve written quite a bit about this. Basically it makes the meat tough.

With love

Emma xx

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