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Ok, I’m gonna say it out loud!

You know how bloody passionate I am about reducing plastic in our lives! I read the “Bioplastics news” regularly!!!

But we are becoming so superficially impressed with packaging that we are making this our priority over what’s actually inside!

I don’t give a “fiddlers faff” about how fancy or colourful the packaging is! I care about the actual product!

Start asking your dog food maker a few questions – fresh/raw/dry/canned:

A. What country does the meat come from?

B. Are the vegetables washed in bleach from the supplier?

C. Why did you start the company?

D. How do you see the future of dog food?

E. Can I come & see where the food is made? Or a video or photos?

You ARE at liberty to ask your dog food maker questions.

With love

Emma xx

Ps BIG LOVE to all of you that are reducing plastic/environmental disrupters from our pet good packaging (not having a pop ❤️)

Pps I bloody HATE plastic!

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