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So I am actually overwhelmed with how many of you want to take these modules!
So! I could charge you all and make some money, but to me this ends up excluding some people because they simply can’t afford it! Or it’s bad timing financially.
So! I’m going to run the course and make it free.
✅I will set up a private FB group just for the course.
✅We will look at 4 agreed recipes. I will set up a poll and agree which 4.
✅I will then put them into a spreadsheet and show you what according to FEDIAF is missing or there is too much of.
✅I will explain 80/10/10✅Balance over time✅What balanced and complete means✅What complete means✅Why traditional vets do not trust raw and how we can all help with this.✅We will look at non DEFRA approved practices ✅We will discuss canine synthesis of vitamins
😍Why am I doing this? So that the epidemic of people in groups constantly asking:
“Best source of probiotics”“Best source of selenium”“My dog is itchy” “Help my dog has blocked anal glands”
🇬🇧This module will be aimed at 4 UK raw companies.
❤️If you want more of this, I’ll do more! Simples.
🇺🇸If there is the demand there will be one for US raw.
🇬🇧UK Fresh cooked
🇺🇸US Fresh cooked
🇬🇧UK kibble
🇺🇸US kibble
🇬🇧UK canned
🇺🇸US canned
🚀If you’re interested pop your name down & I’ll invite you to the secret group!
❌This is NOT to pull part any raw dog food companies. This is to help you understand what is in the food that you are feeding.
🕺🏽I myself balance over time.
✅I will be using ADF (Animal Diet Formulator) the commercial version.
😍This spreadsheet was created by Steve Brown the Dog Father of formulating and spreadsheets.
✅This can be purchased through The Royal Animal University (I am not affiliated).
⚠️ If you take a course, ANY COURSE! Find out about the spreadsheets being used, who wrote the course & how long they have been doing it for! Do they update their own learnings regularly?
😩I’ve seen many! OyVey! They round up your figures, make bizare calculations and often don’t have the latest available stats.
✅FEDIAF is updated every year and ADF reflects these updates. (Love or hate FEDIAF it’s the best we currently have available).
With love
Emma xx

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