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Thought for the day

I get so many incredible messages, this one hit home hard today.

Some days I think you’re all just sick to death of me & wish I’d become a hairdresser or move to outer space!

I sometimes share my flat days here, it’s important for me to share my up days without fear of it being not just a win, a good day

And if you are overthinking this post, yes you!I’m not afraid of your judgey face 😜🥰😘😘

I’ve asked permission to post this here:

Dear Emma

I love how much you give of yourself to our community. Watching you tirelessly yet creatively think of new ways to get us all to think about “what box” when nourishing our beloved pets.

I loved watching you on Couples Come Dine With Me you were true to yourself & your message pure & genuine just like you are.
The truth is I don’t really care about the tv show or the “5 mins of fame” it gave you. I’m interested in you and your recipes that you share so freely without self importance, selling something or promoting yourself. 
You genuinely want people to feed a fresh food diet and that my love is golden.

I loved your Facebook live with the other couples from the tv show on, them talking about how you & your meal that night changed their perceptions of what dog food is. You scored there & with your man Dylan right by your side, you make a lovely couple. I’m going to be excited to see Mandy & Brian’s fresh feeding journey with Reggie, such an inspiring couple & was happy to hear that you’ve been supporting Samuel & Kelly’s dog with how to balance a homemade diet and how they love feeding it avocados!!!!!!!

With ever lasting love and gratitude to you.

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