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Business consultancy

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Commercial Recipe Formulation

Commercial recipe formulation.

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Personalised education for veterinarians, fresh and raw pet food manufacturers and retailers that would like to expand their knowledge. Teaching is centred around functional, commercial pet food formulation. Some of the subjects covered using remote learning:

  • Learn how to formulate balanced therapeutic diets.
  • Creating and formulating – how is it done.
  • Understanding the balance of commercial raw/fresh pet food.
  • Are my client’s recipes meeting the needs of the pet?
  • Do commercial raw/cooked pet foods meet the needs of my client’s pets?
  • Understanding the role of a functional, pet food formulator and how to work with one and what to expect.
  •  Looking beyond 80/10/10. 

The time commitment is at your own pace.

Please email me to express your interest.

Coming Soon:
Balanced Recipes
for Cats and dogs

Ready, Steady, Fresh!

Recipes for dogs and cats, uniquely formulated using only whole, living foods, bursting with flavour that will offer an authentic eating experience for your pets.

All recipes are balanced to meet FEDIAF/AFFCO nutrient requirements. Emma will use her extensive knowledge as an experienced independent, commercial, functional pet food formulator to create recipes beyond what the international pet food industry currently uses as its benchmark. 

Raw, lightly cooked and cooked daily meal plans. 

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