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Sickness Bug

There is a nasty sickness bug going around in the UK 🇬🇧



Always know your dogs ‘normal temperature’ what is normal for them. Take their temperature a few times after normal activity, high activity and resting. This will help you determine if there is an issue if they are unwell.


Know the colour of your dog’s gums on a normal day. Keep a record of the colour by taking photos. Bright red could indicate a temperature or sore gums. Pale gums could indicate hypoglycaemia or a temperature drop.


Are your dog’s eyes nice and bright and clear? Are they milky or the whites brownish? Could indicate a liver issue.


Is your dog’s breath sweet? Eggy? Fishy? All signs that something could be wrong. Take note of what your dog’s breath normally smells like?


Listen to your dog’s heartbeat with a professional stethoscope. Get to know what is normal for your dog. Skipping a few beats, rapid beating or slow beats are all fine if there is a reason for this. Perhaps coughing or having a choke up session, running fast or sleeping. But if this is accompanied by vomiting, bloody poop & a temperature then give your vet a call for advice.


If your dog is sick with bile, is it white and frothy? Bright yellow? If it’s a one-off I wouldn’t worry.

If your dog is proper sick, a proper chunder (carrots the lot) and this happens several times within an hour then there is something wrong.

STEP 1. Take your dogs temperature 30 mins after they have been sick. If it is normal then I’d suggest feeding a light meal like scrambled eggs. I don’t agree with withholding food when an animal is sick.

STEP 2. If the temperature is raised keep an eye on the temperature over the next few hours if it is escalating and the dog is still sick, call your vet and ask for advice.

STEP 3. Check your dog’s gums if they are red and inflamed and a temperature is present. Keep your dog in a cool environment, no sudden shocks like cold sponging or fans. Call your vet office for advice.

If your dog has the runs/loose poop/ Delhi belly then yes, take the temperature

STEP 1. Take the temperature! If it is high call your vet office for advice.

STEP 2. Assess the colour and frequency and most importantly the smell. If it’s general upset tummy then offer perhaps a light bone broth or a dehydrated snack.

If your dog has sickness, dirreah & a temperature please speak to your vet office ASAP.

Make sure there is access to plenty of fresh cool water for drinking and don’t add silly stuff like Collidial Silver or Apple Cider Vinegar to the water. The last thing we want is to put a sick dog off staying hydrated.

Pinch the back of your dog’s neck and if the fur it is slow to release then your dog is probably dehydrated.

For small adult dogs that won’t eat because they are sick I recommend rubbing a little drop of honey on the gums to keep the energy up and avoid the risk of hypoglycaemia.


Advice from Rachel Bean RVN

✅Chronic vomiting

✅Diarrhoea (with bloody stools),

✅Lethargy, not eating/drinking.

If your dog attends a daycare and you suspect they have an upset tummy or any signs of illness please let your daycare know. Avoid dog parks and keep your dog home until they are better.

We don’t know much about this virus but it’s seeming to spread quickly and be pretty relentless!

Let’s be careful out there!

With love

Emma xx

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