Kimchi for Dogs

for dogs



15 Min



cloves of raw pink garlic, thinly sliced
(any organic garlic will do).


Finely shredded Chinese/ Napa Cabbage
(can use Savoy cabbage)

50 g

Freshly grated/sliced coconut


whole fresh lime


fresh galangal or ginger
(skin included)

40 g

Mooli reddish


fresh red mild chilli


  • Remove 2 large leaves off of the cabbage & set to one side.
  • Thinly slice the garlic & Chinese cabbage.
  • Grate your ginger (skin on, no need to peel) & fresh coconut.
  • Slice your radish as thinly as you dare.
  • Pop all ingredients into a large glass or BPA FREE plastic mixing bowl.
  • Roll your lime on the counter top, cut a small V shape into the lime along the length of the lime, take this section out & now squeeze as much lime juice as you can into the mixture.
  • Knead & scrunch the mixture with your hands for around 10 minutes this will release the fluid from the cabbage & oil from the coconut.
  • Leave the mixture to rest for 30 mins and repeat the process.
  • Now drain off the excess liquid, keep the liquid back for topping up.
  • Now put all of the fragrant mixture into a large Mason/Kilner jar, really press everything down until a little fluid sits on top.
  • Pour the liquid that you have saved until it just covers the mixture by an inch.
  • Now ‘break to fit’ the cabbage leaves that you set to one side & put them on top of the mixture like a lid, IMPORTANT leaving a 1 inch gap from the top.
  • Seal the Kilner jar lid tight.
  • Leave the jar in the kitchen for 3 days, on the 3rd day pop into the fridge & that’s it!


BOB’S YOUR UNCLE, FANNY’S YOUR AUNT!!! ALL DONE! Clever you! Store in the fridge in a glass jar for up to 2 months. This recipe has been created especially for dogs. Don’t use any earlier than 3 days, the longer you leave it the stinger the flavour will be and the more probiotic species will have had time to culture.

Chef's Tip

I finely slice a red birds eye chilli, my dogs are used to eating hot/spicy food without any ill effects. You could always slice a mild chilli and poke it down the side of your jar to introduce the flavour of chilli to your dogs, the same with garlic.

Pull out the chilli and garlic after a week if your dog is not used to this type of flavour.

Contrary to popular belief, chilli and garlic in small amounts are perfectly safe.

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