1. Recipe Development
  2. Research & Development
  3. Capital Raise Planing
  4. New Product Design
  5. Packaging and Label Concepts
  6. Recipe Formulation
  7. Nutritional Guidance
  8. Analytical Testing
  9. Microbiome Trials
  10. Claims Development


I handle the entire process from conceptualisation to the final product,

My specialization lies in creating a diverse range of pet food products for the market, all without the use of additives, supplements, vitamin packs, or pre-mixes. I focus on developing recipes that prioritize natural and wholesome ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and nutritional value for pets.

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This includes:

  • creating unique selling points
  • analyzing the target audience
  • formulating the recipe range
  • conducting test kitchen
  • evaluating palatability and ensuring compatibility with manufacturing processes


As a pet food recipe developer, I am deeply involved in research and development processes. I continuously explore and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in pet nutrition, new and emerging marketing trends for pet guardians, innovative ingredients that are new to market, unique manufacturing techniques, patent/tech advancements. I conduct thorough research to understand the nutritional needs and preferences of pets, enabling me to create recipes that provide optimal health benefits and palatability.


I am experienced at supporting the development and launch of new pet related food products by assisting in various aspects. This includes:

  • conducting market research
  • preparing financial projections
  •  presentations 
  • talking to camera
  • tv and radio interviews
  • working with PR teams
  • public appearances

The goal is to secure the necessary funding to bring the new pet food products to market successfully.


I specialize in designing new pet food related products with standout selling points. Through innovative thinking and creativity, I identify and incorporate unique features into your products to make them stand out in the market and attract consumers. I embrace a blue-sky thinking approach to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of pet related food product design.

Ingredient substitutions

Cost contious ingredient swaps and changes , I carefully analyse the composition of pet food recipes to identify opportunities for optimising cost without compromising on quality or nutritional density. I evaluate alternative ingredients that offer similar nutritional profiles or functional properties at a lower cost. By making strategic ingredient swaps and changes, I aim to improve cost effectiveness in the formulation of pet food products while maintaining their nutritional integrity and meeting the required standards.


I utilize data from multiple sources, such as direct ingredient analysis results, typical database analysis, and USDA databases. With this information, I formulate recipes that not only meet but exceed the nutrient requirements set by FEDIAF or AAFCO. My focus is on prioritizing the nutritional needs of both canines and felines, ensuring that the recipes I develop provide optimal nutrition for pets.


Overseeing the nutritional and microbiological testing of your pet food products. This involves interpreting comprehensive analyses to ensure the quality and safety of the products. Through rigorous testing, I verify that your products not only meet regulatory requirements but also adhere to industry best practices. This meticulous approach guarantees that your pet food products are of the highest quality and maintain the utmost safety standards for the well-being of pets.


I collaborate closely with microbiome scientists who conduct trials to study the impact of your products on the gut health of pets. By incorporating the findings from these trials into recipe formulations, I aim to optimize the nutritional benefits and enhance the overall well-being of the animals. This unique approach allows manufacturers to make genuine verified claims about their products, and it supports any functional or specialist dietary claims. By leveraging the insights from microbiome research, we can develop pet food products that provide tangible benefits backed by scientific evidence. A note from founder of Treat Therapeutics



I specialize in working closely with your legal and marketing teams to create meaningful and impactful claims for unique or contentious ideas that set your products apart in the market. With a focus on transparency and building consumer trust, I carefully craft effective and accurate claims. These claims are supported by either proof of product, demonstrating the actual benefits and features of the product, or proof of study, providing evidence from conducted studies. By developing compelling claims, differentiating your products and establish credibility, fostering stronger connections with consumers.

Market Analysis

I conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, understand consumer demands, and assess the competitive landscape. This helps in developing pet food products that are well-positioned and have a strong market appeal.



I work seamlessly with cross-functional teams, including, scientist, vets, chefs, marketing, PR, packaging, and labeling, to align product development with branding and messaging goals. This collaboration ensures a cohesive and effective product launch strategy.


I navigate financial constraints to develop recipes that are not only nutritionally superior but also cost-effective for large-scale production. Balancing quality and affordability is crucial to deliver value to both the brand and the consumers.


I stay updated with regulatory standards and industry guidelines to ensure that the pet food products meet all necessary compliance and safety requirements. This includes working alongside, trading standards, DEFRA, APHA, HACCAP, APB, microbiological testing services for unwanted bacteria ensuring, adherence to quality control measures.


I strive to create pet food products that stand out in the market by incorporating novel ingredients, exploring new flavors and textures, and embracing cutting-edge nutritional research, offering that all important Eating Experience, I drive innovation and differentiate our products from competitors.


Through rigorous testing, including palatability studies and nutritional analysis, I prioritize the satisfaction and well-being of pets. This ensures that your products deliver on their promises and exceed consumer expectations.


In summary, my expertise in new product development spans recipe creation, market analysis, collaborative teamwork, cost efficiency, compliance and safety, innovation and differentiation, and consumer satisfaction. By excelling in these areas, I bring innovative and successful pet food related products to the market.