Veterinary Referral Services for Specialized Dietary Cases

  1. End of Life (EOL)
  2. Compromised Mechanical Processing Issues
  3. Nutrient Absorption Deficiency and Dietary Management
  4. Creative Approaches for Refusing Pets
  5. Formulations for Tube-Fed Companion Animals
  6. Guidance on Therapeutic Interventions

Our veterinary referral services provide a direct avenue for vets to refer challenging dietary cases that require expert assessment and evaluation. Our experienced team specializes in addressing complex issues related to nutrition and offers a range of services to assist in managing these cases effectively. Some of the services we provide include:

End of Life (EOL)

Dietary Management: Our team offers compassionate and tailored dietary plans for pets in their end-of-life stage, focusing on optimizing comfort and quality of life during this sensitive time.

Compromised Mechanical Processing Issues

We provide solutions for pets with serious difficulties in mechanically processing their food, offering recommendations and interventions to ensure proper nutrient intake and ease of consumption.

Nutrient Absorption Deficiency and Dietary Management

For pets with nutrient absorption deficiencies, we offer comprehensive dietary management strategies to optimize nutrient utilization and address specific deficiencies.

Creative Approaches for Refusing Pets

We specialize in finding innovative solutions for pets that refuse to eat, even after exhausting all conventional methods and medications. Our team explores alternative feeding techniques and formulations to encourage appetite and ensure proper nutrition.

Formulations for Tube-Fed Companion Animals

We develop precise and customized formulations to meet the specific dietary requirements of tube-fed companion animals, ensuring optimal nutrition and support during the recovery process.

Guidance on Therapeutic Dietary Interventions

Our team provides expert guidance and recommendations for therapeutic dietary interventions, working closely with veterinarians to design nutritionally balanced and targeted plans for various medical conditions.

Please note that our services are tailored to address specialized dietary cases and are not intended for general “pet nutritionist” dietary plans for well pets. We collaborate closely with referring veterinarians to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to patient care.

If you have challenging cases that require expert nutritional evaluation and management, we invite you to refer to our veterinary referral services. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest standard of care for these unique cases.